Compliance Representations and
Warranties for Pharmacy Customers
hereinafter referred to as "Customer" represents and warrants that it
     1.  will abide by all applicable laws, rules, regulations, ordinances and guidance of federal Drug Enforcement Administration
          ("DEA"), the states into which it dispenses controlled substances and the states in which it is licensed.

     2.  will not dispense controlled substances if it suspects that a prescription is not issued for a legitimate medical purpose or
          in the normal course of professional practice.

In addition, Customer warrants that it understands that Cardinal Health is required by DEA regulations to report to the local DEA Diversion field office any instances of suspicious orders of controlled substances, and agrees to act in good faith in assisting Cardinal Health to fulfill its obligation.  To that end, Customer agrees that it will be alert for red flags of suspicious orders, including but not limited to:

     1.  Numerous controlled substance prescriptions written for the same drugs, in the same quantities for the same time period
          by the same or different prescribers or group of prescribers for the same patient;

     2.  Numerous controlled substance prescriptions written for the same person or several persons by the same prescriber or
          group of prescribers;

     3.  Numerous prescriptions written for the same patient by prescribers located in different states than the patient;

Customer agrees that if any of the above-noted or other red flags exist, it is prudent to contact the prescriber to validate the legitimacy of the prescription and/or to discontinue filling prescriptions from the prescriber, group of prescribers, or customer in question. In addition, the pharmacist should contact the State Board of Pharmacy or local DEA Diversion Field Office (see Appendix N, DEA Pharmacist's Manual, April 2004).

Customer acknowledges that Cardinal Health may provide a copy of this agreement to the DEA or any other state or federal regulatory agency or licensing board.

Customer agrees that any failure to comply with this Agreement may result in the immediate termination of the relationship between Cardinal Health and Customer, in whole or in part, notwithstanding any other agreements to the contrary.
By submitting this form with this box checked, I am certifying that the above is agreed to by a duly authorized officer, partner, or principal of Customer.